Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can I Really Earn Money Online?

Search Google for "earn money online" and you will get over 212,000,000 pages.  So, it seems that you can earn money online.  Oh, but how does one go about researching and deciding which strategies work, which ones don't work, and which ones are just outright scams?  I have been earning money online since 2005 and I can say with experience that most websites that promise earnings (especially large earnings) are not going to make you a dime.  Incredibly, thousands of these websites come online and thousands bite the dust everyday.  If you are suckered into the wrong ones and happen to contribute your hard earned money to become a member, it probably won't take long until you find yourself out of your membership or subscription fee and looking for another site that promises "big bucks."

Other than joining websites that promise to make you money, other alternatives include creating your own website to sell products, information or services, writing books and selling them through the online publishers, and others.  Of course, each requires a lot of work and success is not guaranteed.  

Having been there, I decided to start this blog to shed some light on how to get started, how to tell if a website is legitimate o not, which strategies work, which don't, etc.  Now, I admit that I am not a so-called "Guru" at earning money online, but I have had success and I shall continue to look for more ways to succeed. 

As I add content to this blog, I will create categories and arrange them so that they are easily navigated.  There will be reviews of websites and strategies for making the most of them.  Although I have no interest in online strategies that don't work or are scams, I may discuss certain ones just to point out why you should not participate in them or at least be skeptical.  There may be times when I make a mistake in thinking that a strategy is going to work, and it doesn't work out.  When that happens I will let readers know right away.

Comments are always welcome, but any comment submitted that includes a website URL will be promptly deleted and designated as "trash."   I want to read and share what others have experienced, but when a URL is included with a comment I know it is just a ploy to get me or my readers to join that site.

When I do suggest a website it may or may not be one that requires a fee to join.  In any case I will let you know. After that, if you have success with it and you want to add more funds for upgrading, it is up to you.  Also, any URL I suggest may or not be my referral URL.  I will let you know. Not all strategies are going to require you to recruit referrals, but many do and are required for you to stand any chance of succeeding.  Finally, if you follow one of my suggestions, I take no responsibility for your success or lack thereof.

In my next post I will discuss how to get started, the different kinds of strategies, how to determine if a site is legit or not, and a few things that have worked for me in the past or are working now.

So, stayed tuned and don't forget to bookmark this blog for future reference.

Ron Celano

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